Sirius Amethyst (pre-drilled)

These rare Sirius Amethyst were purchased from Larry back in 2009. He wrote about them in his blog back in 2008. They have been pre-drilled for being made into pendants. Supply is very limited (only 4 available).

From Larry's blog 12/21/08:

Sirius Amethyst Metaphysical Properties & Crystal Habit

Sirius Amethyst is BRAND NEW FIND, from a location in Africa that has never produced Crystals before; it is all being hand dug and none of it is washed with harsh acids. The Crystals for the most part are Phantom Amethyst Crystals with the mineral Goethite Pseudomorhed (Mineral Replacement much like what happens to Fossilized wood where Agate replaces the wood) by Lepidocrosite which exhibits a Bright Red Color and is found in Super Seven as well as some of the Amethyst coming from Brazil. They’re seems to be a large amount of Double Terminated Crystals with Amethyst Phantoms on each termination; though the single terminated Crystals are very powerful as well, it all depends on what you focused purpose is, in picking one or the other. There are various shades of them from Deep GRAPE juice Purple to totally Clear and void of color; all have them have some Goethite Pseudomorhed by Lepidocrosite, though for some of the Crystals you can not see it with the naked eye. With a 10 X loop, Microscope or magnifier it is visible. I took photos using an electronic microscope with a camera mounted in it at 10 X, 60 X and 200 X (Photos Available) and it clearly shows that it is in there and it is not in the classic Lepidocrosite Crystal habit. (Habit of a Crystal is the normal shape and form of Crystallization it takes when created) These Crystals have a CLEAR and very Powerful ability to open the 3rd eye, Crown Chakra and help tremendously with past life recall; as well as furthering the ability of comprehending and fully understanding one’s life mission on Planet Earth Today and in the Future. They help a Huge amount with Addiction of all types, be it Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Food Addiction, Shopping Addiction, Relationship Addiction, Sex Addiction etc., however that being said they will not make Addictions just puff disappear, the work still must be done by the person who WANTS to change. They will help with Courage and Steadfastness, in moving through what can be very scary times and changes that are upon us all. They are also a GREAT tool for altering ones life style, as well as our genes which can predispose us to illness’s, emotional and mental overloads; there are some great articles that now clearly show Scientific studies recently finished that conclude and prove that our genes are changeable if we change our lifestyle (links to articles available on request). I have found that inner vision and self understanding are amplified and further developed using one of these Crystals placed on the 3rd eye for a 5 minute period or longer. During meditation (Non Guided), using a gentle even circular breathing pattern (Prana Yam) you can further increase the development of Self Realization, Self Acceptance and fully rejuvenate and refresh your self from the day’s stresses. The timing of this NEW FIND is very apropo, as always our needs are more than met before we even know we are in need; Great Spirit or God has always done for me what I cannot do for myself, and I know if I stay out of Spirits way it is always that way for me. I have come to know and fully believe I am just another you, so I KNOW it works that way for all of us; I am just an OL’ Coyote, what do I know, the less I know the more I understand and Accept life as it is; a true blessing even in what can seem to be the Worst moments. In a simple form I would have to conclude, these Crystals help create Great Harmony and Personal Growth in a very simple and straight forward manner. I have seen photos recently that show CLEAR FACES inside these Crystals, these Crystals have been photographed with a special set of light and the use of a sound wave generator.; however I will say I have NEVER seen anything like it in 23 years of handling Crystals, nor has anyone else I have shown these photos to.

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