Shamanically Healed Crystals - Wire Wrapped

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As documented by Larry, the process of creating the aura stones often results in some crystals being shattered from the heat. One of Larry's friends was given the opportunity to purchase a large quantity of these imperfect stones from him before he passed away, seeing in them both great beauty and potential. In life we all go through difficult experiences that leave us shattered and broken. Shamans believe that during these times a small piece of our soul splits off and is left behind. To heal the soul, the shaman travels back to the place and time of the incident and helps the individual find and reclaim the lost shards of itself and reunite them for healing. Just as a shaman helps souls to reunite and be healed, this friend of Larry's has been working to piece together the broken crystals and has been making some amazing jewelry with them. An intuitive that was inspecting the jewelry said that the elementals were very happy with what was being done, that the stones were filled with joy to be re-created in this way, and that they had shattered in order to fulfill a higher purpose.
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