Orange Millennium (small bag)

Orange Millennium™: This wonderful orange gemstone is the 2nd new find for the 21st century. It has come up from the depths of the Earth and lain on the high desert floor, waiting for mankind's need for a balancing agent to help shift your physical body into a more comfortable place to be. As the emotional winds of change buffet us through the Earth changes that are upon us, these little orange balls wield the power to calm the survival fears that effect the lower chakras. These fears tend to keep us off balance and feeling alone, vulnerable, and powerless, and promote a victim mentality. Carrying Orange Millennium™ on your person can greatly help to put these fears into perspective and enable you to feel a sense of calm in the storm, helping the body to overcome the reptilian brain’s fight or flight response, lessening the body’s need to produce chemical stimulants that create stress and rob you of energy. Orange Millennium™ can help make you aware that you are a child of the Earth and are connected to Her core, that you are here to witness the Earth changes and be changed by them, that you don’t need to fear them. With the help of Orange Millennium™ you are able to relax and feel a deep sense of belonging to this Earth, and a desire to help Her in Her time of need. Orange Millennium™, like it's forerunner Green Millennium™, works to increase energy flow in the body by releasing fears stored in the solar plexus and the root chakras. Adapted from the writings of Laurence R. Hargrave 2002.
Orange Millennium (small bag)
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